SP014: #Scandal Rewind Series | Crash and Burn S1 E5



Quotable Moments for the Crash and Burn Episode

The important part of this whole episode was Huck.  This episode could have been named, “Huck”.  It was all about him because before this you ask yourself, who is this strange man sitting in his closet with his computers and stuff. -Courtney
Harrison is the only true Gladiator…  Essentially, Gladiators were slaves and they fought for the honor of their masters.  You didn’t ask why you were taken from your home or why you were in the arena, you just did it. -Quincy
I love how (Harrison) is dedicated, I love how he gets into people’s face and says, “Olivia wants us to do something..” – Courtney
If Huck would have killed Charlie, then the episode would have been perfect.  It wouldn’t have been good for us as viewers, because Charlie is an intricate part of the story but given what they went through since then, it would have made sense for them.” -Quincy


The Drama


The Panelists

Courtney Thomas


Courtney is 23 years-old and a recent graduate of Florida State University. As a political science major Courtney was instantly drawn to Scandal. In her free time Courtney enjoys she volunteering, hanging out by the pool and reading.

Quincy Shelton



Quincy  is a blogger/radio talk show host from Jackson, Mississippi.  He started the Thank, Q (for Common Sense) blog back in July of 2010 and later premiered “the Talk 2 Q Radio Show” in February of 2011.  He is a huge sports fan, mainly the NFL, but loves discussing politics, relationships, pop culture and more.

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