SP011- Scandal Rewind Series – Dirty Little Secrets S1 E2


On this episode of the Scandal Podcast, I went renegade solo!  No really there were a few glitches and this episode I was a panelist of one.  This was different, and I got a chance to get over my video issues (same issues I had when I started podcasting).  You can do something a million times but when you are doing it again for the first time on your own platform, it’s always a challenge.

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Chief Justice Patrick Keating -there’s a conflict with his nomination, he’s been accused of using heaux to get his jollies off.  Keating is like, nawl I don’t love no heaux, lol.  Turns out it’s his wife.

DC Madam Sharon Marquette who is going to be charged for running a stable of heaux.

The cases intersected because the Chief Justice nominee is married to a woman who used to work for Sharon but they didn’t figure out this part of the “scandal” until mid episode.


Favorite quotes this episode:

“My White Hat’s Bigger than Your White Hat” – Olivia Pope
“It’s a dirty little secret and dirty little secrets always come out.  It’s better that it comes from you.” – Olivia
“I think love allows for forgiveness, don’t you?” – Fitz

Guess What else happened on Dirty Little Secrets

  • Maybe I was wrong about Abby having a crush on Steven, I stand corrected.
  • Amanda Tanner closed the door in Olivia’s face (how rude).  Quinn was all questioning after Olivia tells her to write her number on her business card and slide it under the door.  The moment that Olivia said to her, “I know because I’m good at my job” and they gave that slow motion video of her walking away from Quinn, hair blowing in the breeze like a Pantene commercial.  Awesome.
  • The Savvy Madam goes to jail but still refuses to give up her client list.
  • Sharon asks Olivia why she left the White House, which sets that question for the viewer to look at OPA and wonder if they have that same question.
  • All the DC influencers that have used Sharon over the years helps leverage the playing field and stop the case against Sharon as well as pushing through the confirmation for Keeting.
  • Cy is the King of Mean
  • Cy is fed up with Fitz and wants to know what happened between Olivia and Fitz.


We talked about predictions on the last panel and it was batted around that Mellie may run against Fitz for  season 3, but what if Mellie demanded to be his VP for the ticket?  Now that would be hot,
[ GRANT & GRANT ] people!  If that happened, Fitz would have to take her political agenda seriously.

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