SP010: Scandal Rewind Series – Sweet Baby S1 E1

Kelsey Bain, Poppy Williams, Olivia Linden on The Scandal Podcast | Scandal Rewind Series | Episode Sweet Baby


This episode of the Scandal Podcast, I was joined by Kelsey Bain of NOLAFeminizer.com, Poppy Williams of  WatchWithPoppy from Youtube and Olivia Linden from OliviaLinden.com. Everyone had a lot to say and we all had a blast!

Learn about Olivia’s prediction for OPA, Poppy’s opinion on OLITZ and Kelsey’s love dislike for Abby. We talk about which one of the cast members of Scandal skipped having to audition for @ShondaRhimes and who only had four lines in the pilot and was not a recurring cast member until the middle of the second season!

Quotable Moments for the Sweet Baby Episode

One of the biggest differences this season was Steven.  I don’t think if he was in season two he would have let a lot of what happened in season two go down. – Poppy
I like the awkward moment at Camp David, when she’s talking to Mellie and then Fitz comes out.  Cyrus and Mellie were just kind of waiting to see how they’re going to react to each other and he’s just so happy to see her. – Olivia
When Cyrus learns about the affair.  He walks in and you kind of see his face kind of slowly, like what did I just walk in on? -Kelsey
You’re the bad guy in ghost, you got dragged off by demons, so I don’t know what you’re doing here. – Poppy
When I found out that her daddy basically sold her into marriage to Fitz, that’s when I started questioning how she really felt. – Olivia


Questions from the Sweet Baby Episode & Future Season Predictions

Does Fitz need Mellie to run for this next tenure as president?

Did it make sense that Olivia chose to let go of Fitz in the season finale?

Would you like to see more OLITZ back and forth or do you want it to end?

Do you wish Mellie would leave Fitz because the love is unequal?  Does Mellie even love Fitz?

Do you think during this season Harrison has become Olivia’s puppet?

What will happen to OPA now that Olivia’s been named Fitz’s mistress?

Who do you think leaked Olivia’s name?

Am I the only Gladiator that liked Edison?

Do you think that Jake was and is creepy?

More about our panelists

Kelsey Bain

Kelsey Bain is an Oregon native and recent graduate of Tulane University who lives and works in New Orleans, LA. She is passionate about women’s rights and equality, the environment, and of course is an avid Scandal fan. Kelsey is the creator of nolaFeminizer.com an online blog centered around women’s issues and rights, specifically in the New Orleans area. She is also a contributing writer at Feminspire.com, an online publication featuring a global collection of female voices focusing on culture, politics, feminism, and social issues. In her spare time, other than watching Scandal she likes to read, run, chat with her friends and hang out with her two awesome cats.

Poppy Williams

Poppy Williams loves to talk about TV! Check out her in-depth and passionate reviews on the Watch with Poppy YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/user/WatchWithPoppy Also find her on twitter @WatchwithPoppy

Olivia Linden

Olivia Linden was born in Queens, NY but raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Reading and writing were her passions from a very young age. Other than a blog and a few articles written for a website, Olivia is a newbie to the industry. Jaded Hearts (The Jaded Hearts Club Vol. 1) is her first published novel. Olivia’s writing style takes after her personality in a big way. Her sometimes sarcastic, and usually humorous tone comes across in her stories. In reality, she prefers to laugh her way through even the toughest of situations.

Blog: olivialinden.com


Support  Olivia Linden’s book; Jaded Hearts series.

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Cast from this episode


Paul McGuigan


Shonda Rhimes

Main Cast

  • Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope
  • Columbus Short as Harrison Wright
  • Darby Stanchfield
  • Guillermo Diaz
  • Katie Lowes
  • Jeff Perry
  • Tony Goldwyn
  • Henry Ian Cusick
  • Gregg Henry
  • Jillian Armenante

Additional Cast

  • Joshua Malina
  • Wes Brown
  • Liza Weil
  • Bellamy Young

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