SP018: Scandal Rewind -The Other Woman S2 E2




The Quotes

This is the episode where you see Quinn and Huck’s relationship begin to develop.  So it’s not so far fetched to see them on this killer rampage later on.  It’s a co dependent relationship but  a trusting and authentic relationship which she doesn’t seem to have with any of the other members of OPA.  Then I start to realize that everyone in OPA has a co-dependent relationship because they’re all that they have.  And that was the first time that I paid attention to how they interact, how they’re intertwined, how their relationships have developed because Olivia is a white knight to all of them, so they’re all dependent one one other because they don’t have anyone else.” – Evette
The scene between the reverend’s wife and Mellie and to see the parallels between that and Olivia’s conversation with the mistress.  I think those were two powerful moments and the scene with Quinn and her father and the shunning of Quinn by her father that she wants to sacrifice all of her safety basically was very compelling and it shows how much she needs Olivia and Huck.” -Evette
The scene with Mellie and Nancy, it humanizes her a little bit more and no one thinks that Mellie loves Fitz, but I always think, you’ve got to be kidding me.” -jaha


The Drama

The One-on-One Panel

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