SP015: Scandal Rewind – The Trail S1 E6

Scandal Episode The Trail with Kronos, Melissa Watts and Scandal Rehab as Panelists


On this episode of the #ScandalRewind Series, I’m joined by Kronos from kronosinasuit.tumblr.com,  Scandal Rehab and Melissa A. Watts from mellygrant.tumblr.com

The biggest deal in this episode was that it showed the start of Olivia & Fitz’s relationship, which is kind of the whole hallmark of Scandal.  My favorite part, hands down was when we watch the argument in Olivia’s head when she decides whether or not to cross the line with Fitz.  I just thought that would never happen in my world because I would think, my legs aren’t shave and I’d have to figure out a way between here and the hotel to shave my legs… ” -Melissa
You see them from the beginning so you see how it evolves.  My favorite though was when she was like, your marriage is screwed up, you’re not screwing your wife enough.  That was the original Olivia Pope that we didn’t get to see that much in season two so I miss that Olivia Pope.” – Scandal Rehab
The couch, you can’t get past the Couch-Gate.  Just them hugging on the couch.  There’s  just something so painful and amazing about it.  That was the moment when I said oh,this is something more than just good sex they’re  completely in love with each other, they breathe together.  And they’re actually crying-she wipes away a tear.”


The Drama

The Panelists




I am Kronos, from kronosinasuit on tumblr and twitter. GIF maker, occasional video maker and slowest ever fanfic maker. All-round idiot.

Scandal Rehab

Joined the fandom and twitter May 2013, the day after the Scandal Season 2 Finale! I am mainly here to make gladiators smile and fill the Scandal withdrawals during the summer 😉

Melissa A. Watts

Melly Grant is a 20-something Scandal addict hailing from the east coast. A self-proclaimed busy and important purveyor of awesomeness, she enjoys baked treats, cheesy pop dance parties, and shopping.

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