SP017: Scandal Rewind – White Hat’s Off S2 E1


The Story

This is a short episode and my apologies for that #Gladiator fam.

Quinn is prosecuted by David as Lindsay Dwyer for killing Jessie Tyler (whom she did not kill).

The plea that David wanted Olivia to  take for Quinn, which she did not take.  I thought Olivia was going to slap hot fire out of David’s mouth.

Fitz exploded on Mellie this episode because she tried to manipulate him into going to war in E. Sudan.

I had it in for Fitz this episode because I think he needs to grow a pair and stop letting the people around him run his life and make choices for him.  Life would be so much easier if he did that.

David lost the case against Quinn and almost had a 1/2 baby–(giggles) and I was there for that.

Hollis Doyle is a sneaky and wants to profit off of the potential war in E. Sudan and Mellie realizes that her contribution to this White House has been significantly diminished and she’s dissatisfied with that.

Oh yeah & Steven’s gone

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The Quotes

This baby is me giving you a little bang for your political buck. -Mellie
You wear your white hat and I’ll wear mine. -Olivia


The Drama









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