Scandal Podcast with the Season 5A Rewind


Scandal Season 5 A Rewind was so much fun…

We discussed several pivotal moments during season 5 and we got to catch up with our fellow hosts. And we’re sure that season 5B rewind will be just as good. Tune into this episode to see how much we enjoyed ourselves during the podcast.

Now let’s get on with it…

Who would have thought that after 5 entire seasons of Scandal, a step back would actually bring me more perspective to the show. Would actually have me empathizing with Jake and wondering if Fitz (in some instances) had bumped his damn head? I sure wouldn’t have, but turns out…

That’s exactly what happened.

During this episode of the podcast, we cover Scandal Episodes 5×1 to 5×9 and when we come back next week we’ll be gearing up for Season 5B. So put your Scandal dancing shoes on and tango with us on the live show because that’s genuinely where all the fun is. You get to chat back with us as we discuss the show because we’re all fans and we love having our opinions heard.

Eldea shared her fave episodes of season 5A and Langstan jumped on just in time to share some of his more pressing thoughts about the episode.

We had much more to say in the Scandal Podcast After Dark, though. There Langstan was able to express the fullness of his ideas. I have no doubt that if Katrina was on this episode, she would have had a lot to say as well. Overall it was a good time had by all but you wouldn’t know unless you click the button above and check us out.

Next week we’ll cover more of Scandal Season 5

I can’t wait until the live show because I have some opinions and insights about the Abby/Olivia relationship this season and I’ve been itching to get it out since the rewind rewatch!

Woo! See you on the other side, fellow Scandal Fans!