Before the Scandal Season 6 Premiere


Scandal Season 6 premieres tomorrow and I am super excited.

But before we move on so quickly, let’s refresh ourselves with the season 5B shenanigans so we are well prepared for season 6.

On this week’s podcast, Elde’a and I held it down and talked Fitz, Olivia, Cyrus, Abby, Mellie, Huck and Quinn. We went through the Susan Ross suchnots and in the afterdark we talked Scandal Love Triangles…It was off the hook in the Afterdark. We had some fun times in there on Sunday.

Oh! Speaking of Sunday – don’t forget, we record Scandal Podcast each week on Sunday at 2pm EST for Season 6. You can join us and let your voice be heard in response to our discussion on the show. Share this with a friend that loves Scandal!

Back to the conversation at hand, shall we?

I enjoyed the evolution of the characters in season 5 as a whole. We didn’t see a lot of emotional stunting and I actually saw why Olivia could possibly have love for Jake. Now you know if you listen to episodes past, I have no huge love for Jake but I did voice this new opinion on the show and of course the reaction was legendary. If you listened to us last week, you’ll know that the fans on THIS Scandal Podcast have a deep and visceral reaction to Jake from State Farm…but my turning point was In 5×18, Pete Harris becomes Jake Ballard.

Are you of the same opinion as the live audience, fellow fan or did you give Jake a chance after that episode?

See the irony is, in season 6 either Jake and Mellie or Cyrus and Vargas will become potus and vpotus.

One of two scenarios will emerge.

Jake and Fitz will sort of switch positions in Olivia’s life.

Cyrus will have won over Olivia.

Either way some things are about to come out in the wash.

Should Vargas win over Mellie – Olivia has something on Cyrus. Should Mellie and Jake win, well Cyrus just loses. Let’s see how angry and vindictive that would make Cyrus.

This is going to be a magnificent season. Check out this episode of the podcast. We had a great time.