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What a marvelous time this past year has been.

I am looking forward to continuing with the team in season four and I am of course going to miss our lively debates and conversations but this episode of Scandal Podcast did not disappoint!  I am happy to have worked with them to bring you all a great podcast.  Thank you for that A-Team and B-Side.  This episode we are going in! It’s a 2 hour finale recap(I mean what did you expect with 7 opinionated people on a podcast?) and we were joined by more than a few of you for it!  WOOHOO!  Huge thanks to those who participated for the first time in our Q&A!  We received a review on Stitcher as well and I see those of you that have added us to your Stitcher playlists; it warms this girl’s heart.

3 Favorite Moments in The Price of a Free and Fair Election, 3×18

First moment was the Olivia and Cyrus, that started my downfall then the scene at the end with Fitz when he was in the Oval by himself and then when Olivia visited Rowan in the hospital.  -Elde’a

I definitely echo what Elde’a said but the sequence of Fitz in the Oval and then the scene with him and Mellie in the bedroom and actually the Huck and Olivia scene, the die or try scene. Then I have to give a shout out to my girl Maya when she was coming out of the bank.  If she had done a Kenya twirl, it would have been perfect.” -Katrina 

→ I have two of my favorite and one was a highlight. Of course the scene with Fitz and Liv, all three of them connected and at the end when Fitz had his breakdown and his hands are shaking; he was down on his knees and he was like where was Liv?  One was also Huck and Liv, it burned my damn eyelashes off.” -Olivia

→ Number one, even though it’s not the first thing that happened, was Little Jerry because that was just a shocker for me.  Another favorite moment was when Katrina Pavela showed up at the hospital. I don’t know how she got all the way over here from London but she basically said, who gon’ check me boo?  Then I also agree with the moment of Fitz in the Oval when everything hit him and it drove him to his knees and number three was when Harrison finally gets it and figures out what it’s all about and Rowan said, You cannot command Command, son. Isn’t that right, Tom? I said oh damn.” -Langstan

→  First, I echo everything everything everybody else stated. I like that Fitz and Mellie kind of reconciling. I thought she was going to go ham on him for all the ish he’s been doing but they actually had a genuine moment. I liked the scene with Cyrus and Leo when he said don’t get married, don’t have a family, try to save your soul.  That aint gonna work but he can try. And then when Daddy Pope revealed he was behind everything. As soon as Harrison started to ask a question, I was like…just leave and he had to ask him anyway.”-Rodimus

→  Even though I’m not the biggest Sally Langston fan, watching her rise to the occasion on the steps of that church, after that bombing–she just sealed the deal like if I’m going to be president, I’d better act like it from this moment on and having Leo by her side as the perfect imp .  Then seeing Olivia in the hospital room with her mom and her dad you kind of understood the weight of how much they loved their daughter.  I said at that moment that these two are working together it’s just very clear that they are a unit. It’s dysfunctional; he’ll kill ya love her.  But they are a unit.  And everything they did was to protect their daughter from her ultimate doom which to them, was the president.  And of course it was sad seeing Jerry die but the fact that it never clicked that someone in the secret service was B6-13.  Seeing Tom kill Lil Jerry was cray to me. Of course it would be the person that’s closest to him, that keeps all his secrets. Shonda is a genius to me, I love me some Shonda.  -Jocelyn

→  When David went into his office and saw all of the evidence Jake left for him, Fitz going to Mellie and her saying she fought Big Jerry. When Olivia realized she was at the center of all of the strife in the hospital room and they had the camera angles going all above her head as she listened to Fitz talk about them not being responsible for the sins of their parents. Which parallels what Big Jerry did to Mellie.”  -Jaha

Provided by Langstan Smith

Tom: Mr. President? I have some information regarding Jerry. The autopsy revealed an infection from Meningitis B. In this case the CDC traced it to a sub-strain that’s kept under lock and key at Fort Deitrich. Apparently a vial of it went missing this week.

Fitz: My son was murdered?

The Document: (Parts I could read) Abnormal discharge came out from mouth, nose and ear. No evidence of any injury was found over the body.

Toxicological Studies:

Blood Ethanol – N/A

Blood Drug Screen – N/A Tox.

Culture – B.A. 97 Y3DD A SEROTYPE B STRAIN OF NEISSERIA MENINGITIDIS (It was actually bacterial, but a sub-strain for which the vaccine is used in other countries, but has not yet been approved in the United States.) Little Jerry died a horrible death and based on what the disease did to his body…even if he had lived he would not have lived a normal life… https://microbewiki.kenyon.edu/index.php/Neisseria_meningitidis_causing_meningococcal_meningitis 

Favorite Quotes from The Price of a Free and Fair Election

The Price of a Free and Fair Election

The Price of a Free and Fair Election












Columbus Short’s Epic Fail Interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show(TJMS).

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