Scandal Episode 6×5 They All Bow Down


In season 6, episode 5 Mellie and Olivia have had enough of Vanessa’s shit.

Vanessa spent all episode crying and whining after Jake. I guess I can see
it for the point that she loves him but honestly, she doesn’t even really know him.
And that’s the crux of the problem isn’t it? How many of us have “fallen in love” with
men we don’t really even know only to peel back the layers of the person and find a bunch
of yuck underneath…?

Then the one time we think Jake is going to give in and give this poor chile what she wants,
he just wanted her to lay close so he can rest his hand around her throat and perhaps send
her to the sunken place.

Jake who once told Olivia that they could live down the street in an ordinary house, have ordinary kids and live an ordinary life doesn’t want any parts of those shenanigans with good ole Vanessa.

And I feel for her in a way – she’s just not the woman he wants.

When a man doesn’t want you in that way, he doesn’t want you. Nothing you say or do…
no nagging or waterworks, no ultimatums will make that happen for you. And I believe
this is what we’re seeing here.

Mellie, similarly eschewed once Fitz fell in love with Olivia comes to the house to
give her a melanin free Maya Angelou “still I rise”esque pep talk and Vanessa somehow
now rallies a bit to see a new way to live life… but for how long? We’ll see on the next episode of