SP030: Scandal Vermont is for Lovers, Too

Olivia Linden, Elde'a Harris, Katrina Pavela - Scandal Podcast Panel for Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington


What were your three favorite moments from Vermont is for lovers, too?

The psuedo bonding moment between Mama Pope and Papa Pope.  Then when Olivia smashed her phone.  I’m glad to see her finally letting that stuff out. My man Harrison finally–everybody else on this show has had some type of affection on this show except for Harrison.” – Olivia
Obviously besides the love scene when I kind of slid off of my couch.  Which basically started the minute he said, this is your house.  Actually the two scenes with them that was kind of the bread for that sandwich and I’ll get into the scene with they first got to the house and the scene with the two of them, Eli and Maya…”-Katrina
The mama Pope scene, I really loved the Quinn and Huck scene, the Liv and Fitz scene and the Mellie scene when she was watching herself.” – Elde’a
When Fitz said he built a house for Olivia, the fact that Lisa Kudrow’s character FINALLY was able to be tracked by the CIA and pinned down long enough to get her hair combed, praise Jesus.

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The Panelists

Olivia Linden

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Olivia Linden was born in Queens, NY but raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Reading and writing were her passions from a very young age. Other than a blog and a few articles written for a website, Olivia is a newbie to the industry. Jaded Hearts (The Jaded Hearts Club Vol. 1) is her first published novel. Olivia’s writing style takes after her personality in a big way. Her sometimes sarcastic, and usually humorous tone comes across in her stories. In reality, she prefers to laugh her way through even the toughest of situations. [hr]

Katrina Pavela

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Katrina Pavela is a US citizen of Indo-Jamaican origin who lives in the UK.  She has a couple of smarty pants degrees, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Scandalology, with an emphasis on the truth and consequences of the #Olitz relationship. When not spilling her feelings about Scandal on Tumblr, she puts her degrees to use in world class cultural institutions. She is pursuing a career as a roving lecturer, focusing on issues of sexuality, gender and power in visual art. Her goal is to fuse academia and pop culture in a way that is engaging, accessible and raises the level of public discourse. A recovering cupcake whore, she is now passionate about afternoon tea, during which she thinks about how she should be running.

Elde’a Harris 

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Elde’a Harris is 28 years old. She works in the retail world.  She has been a #gladiatorsinasuit since day 1. Overall her favorite things in life are eating, sleeping, laughing, spending time with family and of course watching Scandal. [hr]

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