*Sneak Peek* The Soulphisticated Ladies Novel

Chapter One | Scene One

“Every man dies, but not every man lives.”  – William Wallace

He loves the way I ride it, was blaring from the club’s speakers.  Jacinta stood on the side of the stage watching the stripper gyrate and concentrate on moving her butt cheeks singularly back and forth until several men eagerly threw bills on the stage.  Her head facing the crowd, the stripper licked lips that were already glistening under the lights.  They were plump and soft pink with a hint shimmer.  Long red ringlets framed her face and dripped over her shoulders.  The thin fabric peeking from between her rounded butt cheeks contrasted starkly with the airy material that covered her torso.   The men were in a stupor, mouths slightly agape as they watched her wiggle and alternately bounce to the music while bent at the waist, lightly caressing her calves  and ankles.

Cin looked around her, the club was filled with men on a Tuesday afternoon. She smirked a little at how easily men could be distracted.  She knew how to use that excitement to her benefit, though.  As the music throbbed around them, bass heavy mixed in with the sound of drinks being poured, she took in the smell of overworked pussies and horny male sweat.  Strawberry Dazzle was working the stage to Ciara’s song. The room was filled with scantily clad women smiling into the faces of sexually excited men, money dangling from their hands.

She nodded to Ricardo in the corner.  Her brother was six foot two and built like a linebacker.  He leaned over and spoke into the ear of a bartender. Cupping the champagne, he brought it over to her group presenting it with a flourish.  She winked at him, her smile a thank you.  No one other than her family knew she owned this club.  Five of her siblings worked here, in different capacities, but none of them worked the stage.

Jacinta popped the cork, her attention refocusing on Mr. Martinotti, the pudgy, sweaty man in front of her and the president of  Steak & Shoes.

She began speaking loudly over the music, breaking the group’s entranced reverie, “Mr. M, with this new marketing campaign, we can increase your sales by 79% within the first quarter, to be followed each successive quarter with a 65% retention plan to create customer loyalty and buy in.  We will be rolling out the first commercial during the Superbowl.   Then we will follow that up with a social media campaign involving the fashion blogs.  It will feature models and their men to showcasing your shoes.”

Pouring them both a glass of the bubbly liquid, Cin handed it to Mr. Martinotti, her fingers lingering suggestively on his as she handed him the glass.  His glazed eyes widened slightly but he returned her smile.  He really did look like a chubby angel, Cin thought.  His blonde hair was wispy and thin on the top, the curly tufts silky and short.  His stomach protruded from his crisply starched white shirt and dark trousers were strained around the crotch area.  His eyes, a startling blue were unfocused and dreamy.  She wondered how someone who seemed this innocent could become the president of such a financial empire.  He didn’t have a sharp bone in his soft, doughy body.

“Well, that sounds absolutely great, Ms. Cruz.  We knew The Alanis Agency would provide us with the marketing campaign need to launch our newly acquired venture.”

He turned to Robert,  his second in command and said, “Robert get the details from Ms. Cruz.”

Jacinta looked at Robert, whose glasses were now in the teeth of a Stacey Dash look alike, his hair ruffled and his conservative tie now sitting comfortably in her cleavage.

“Yes, sir,” Robert said voice muffled by his own tie.

“I will get your copy from my car,” Cin said. She stepped away from the group and stood near the wall in the back to watch Maxim.

Cin was giddy inside.  She allowed herself a small victory arm pump.  This was going very well.  Two weeks ago, she called and rearranged the pitch schedule for Steak & Shoes to a day prior after getting her hands on Team Devine’s marketing campaign.  This was too delicious to be believed.  Selah had no idea Mr. Martinotti was in town and when she found out, she’d quake in her stilettos.  Cin was excited that her plan was in motion.

With her prompting, Maxim brought the whole  team to Jocelyn’s upscale gentleman’s club to pitch this marketing campaign. He was in the corner getting a lap dance from the newest dancer in her crop.  A blonde Russian named Juliette.

Cin loved it when another woman turned him on. It made her time with him that much hotter.  As Juliette ground her butt into Maxim’s crotch, Cin began to wiggle seductively.  His eyes on Jacinta, he cupped Juliette’s breasts in his large hands.  Jacinta bit her lip and rolled the glass of champagne between her own.  Maxim massaged Juliette’s breasts—eyes devouring Jacinta.  She lifted her skirt a little, subtly shifting her legs while flashing him her thin silver garter.  Maxim slipped his hands down Juliette’s back and to her waist.  He helped her grind into him, bucking into her in time to the rhythm she set.  Cin felt herself go moist.  She tipped the glass to her lips and swallowed the liquid hard.

Placing the glass on the bar, she walked slowly to the door going to her car to retrieve the pitch for Robert.

Maxim tipped Juliette and followed Jacinta outside.  She was in her Mercedes, apple bottom in the air digging for the proposal.  Her attention was firmly fixed on finding all of the components of the proposal to give to Robert.

“How is the pitch going, Cin?”  Maxim asked striding towards her.  His long lean body was a total contrast to Mr. Martinotti’s soft, round form.  His broad shoulders were encased in a well tailored suit. Sandy brown, shoulder length hair blew gently across his fully manicured beard and mustache.  Maxim exuded sex.  He was her boss but had also been her lover since she began working at the Alanis Agency a little over a year ago.  Coming in behind her, he began rubbing himself against her protruding buttocks.

She moaned a little and closed her eyes.  He was her one weakness, this man.  Grabbing all of the information quickly, Cin pulled herself together.  Slipping from the car she said admonishingly, “Maxim the pitch is going very well.  This is business so we are going to have to save anything else for later.”

He slid his finger down the side of her face, charming her instantly.  It was a flashback moment to their first time in his office at The Alanis Agency.

“You know I am all about my business,” he said, voice rumbling like thunder in his chest, “but you have me sufficiently distracted.  You send me a sexy Russian blonde and then you tease me with what you’re wearing under this very professional skirt and jacket.  How do you expect me to stay focused?  Don’t you want to sin with me?”

Jacinta tilted her face into his caress, she knew this would happen and she welcomed it.  That’s why she’d parked at the back of the lot in a secluded area.  His Escalade and Mr. Martinotti’s stretch Hummer limo flanked her small car on either side. But she was conflicted, she needed to get back inside to hand off the proposal to Robert.

This coup was important to her.  She wanted Maxim to recognize her as a professional dynamo.  After all, he was grooming her to be more ruthless and she thought she knew why.  He wanted a partner in his bed and in his business and she was more than willing to fill that role.

Cin tossed her head at Maxim, gracefully exposing her neck and accepting his challenge.  He kissed her behind her ear, smoothing back her long, inky black hair.  Placing his hands on her hips, and with fingers over his, she slowly began lifting her skirt to give him a full view of the silver garters.

He sucked in his breath as she paused then kept lifting the skirt…


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