Soulphisticated Ladies Cast

Selah Femme-Divine Selah Femme-Devine:

Selah– a name found commonly in the book of Psalms.   All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing praise to your name. Or pause and calmly think about that.

Devine– means by or as if by supernatural means: augur, foretell, prophesy, soothsay.

Role in Story- The heart of the Soulphisticated Ladies.

Occupation- Sr. Marketing Director

Status- Married

Character Interview: Selah Femme-Devine – End of Season 1

If you are in an abuse situation or know someone who may need help, call 1-800-799-7233 or visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline. The author of Soulphisticated Ladies highly advocates safety for her readers as she too has been a victim of domestic violence.  


Vashti Grier

Vashti Grier:

Vashti-means beautiful, the queen of Ahasuerus, who was deposed from her royal dignity because she refused to obey the king when he desired her to appear in the banqueting hall in the book of Esther.

Grier-means watchful 

Role in Story– Agitator of the crew

Occupation– Owns Sucre’ & Spice Bakery

Status– Single

moriaMoria Harding:

Moria – means my teacher is God

Harding– means son of the courageous one

Role in Story – Classic absent minded professor with a bashful, nerdy nature.

Occupation– She’s an English professor, at Redmere University.

Status– Married



genniferGennifer Broust:

Gennifer: means fair and soft

Broust: means “Lamb of God”

Role in Story: Keeps the girls on an even keel— tries to maintain the balance and harmony in the four-group clique.

Occupation: Owns Horizon House with mom, Dahlia “Mama D” Broust 

Status: In a relationship

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