SP 5×03-Paris is Burning


THE BALCONY B.C. (Before Cyrus)

transcribed by Langstan Smith

Mellie stands alone on the White House balcony drinking hooch when Fitz steps out of the residence doorway.

Mellie: One of the Valets let me in. I’m not gonna say who, because they have two kids to feed and there aren’t that many Valet jobs as far as I know. I just…wanted one last moment alone with this view. (Mellie takes a huge swig of hooch)

Fitz: I’m sorry. (pause) You’re feeling abandoned.

Mellie: Don’t make me out to be some sad victim.

Fitz: I’m not. You’re feeling abandoned because I abandoned you. I did. I took everything you offered me over the years…your love, your support. I took it all and used it to get here. I used it to become one of 44 men fortunate to lead this country…and I didn’t always say thank you, but deep down I knew how I got here. So, thank you. Because I know and I’m sorry.

(Mellie turns to face Fitz)

Mellie: You think you can just apologize to me after years of treating me like mud…and I’ll just go down there and sell your lie to Noah Baker? (Fitz exhales) I have sacrificed so much for you…so much. What have you ever sacrificed for me Fitz?

(Fitz turns to face Mellie)

Fitz: You are going to be the first woman to lay her hand of a bible in front of the Capitol building…and be sworn in as President of the United States of America. I believe that…as strongly as you ever believed in me. I broke up the team. I couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t have your will. And that must feel like an AWFUL betrayal.

(There is a long silence as Fitz and Mellie stare into one another’s eyes. Mellie sighs and places her hand on Fitz’s chest and the turns to lay her hand upon his)

Mellie: I thought we would grow old together.

Fitz: I know. Me too. (Mellie shakes her head)

(Fitz and Mellie stand alone in a wide shot on the balcony)