SP 5×07 – Even The Devil Deserves a Second Chance


(Thanks to Maretta Jackman for the transcription of this scene – Langstan…see this? LOL)

CYRUS: Just the woman I wanted to see. Heading back to the office or just out for a victory lap?

LIV: I have somewhere to be.

CYRUS: Surely you’ve got a minute for an old friend. Or maybe I’m not your friend anymore, because if I was, I would have gotten a heads up about Lizzie North’s new job.

LIV: There was a problem. It was handled. Everything worked out.

CYRUS: Yes, there was a problem. It was handled, and everything worked out for you.

LIV: Cyrus….

CYRUS: I know. I can have an ego. I can be competitive, vindictive. Look, I was the guy behind the guy. But, then, lately, I’d started to believe that I’d become the guy behind the girl behind the guy, which I don’t like, which I hate. You know I hate that.

LIV: Cyrus, I’m not trying to replace you.

CYRUS: You’re not trying to take my place. I know that. I know that now. Let me finish, because it’s about to get really good. I mean, here’s why you are so brilliant… you didn’t have to give up your career. You moved into the White House. You are not saddled with any of the prisoner duties that come with being first lady. You come and go as you please and… wait for it… I’m not the guy behind the girl behind the guy. I’m the guy behind the girl. Fitz isn’t even in the picture.

LIV: Cyrus…

CYRUS: He’s happy. He’s content. He was never meant to be happy. Happy, content men don’t run the world, which is why he is not running the world. He does whatever you say, without question. You have pulled off a clean, bloodless coup in the United States of America, and no one is the wiser. That is one for the history books.

LIV: I know this is difficult for you, because you seem to be so unfamiliar with how humans behave. But Cyrus, Fitz and I together… we have an actual relationship. This is what a couple looks like.

CYRUS: You have the Oval. This is what power looks like. He’s not the president anymore, Olivia. You are.