SP039: Scandal – Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood


So I am reminded time and again on this show how things parallel but this is the first week I realized that there are a few triangles also in the mix of the relationships that are being had on Scandal. OLITZ MEW(Andrew & Mellie) & OLAKE; Mama Pope, Papa Pope & Dominic; Charlequinn & Huckleberry Quinn; Dabby & What looks like Leo in the making if he doesn’t die in this explosion; Harrison doesn’t have enough regular sex to be in a triangle (or the show) <<Yes, that’s shade. I’m not embarrassed.

And there was the Daniel Douglas/Cyrus/James/Sally quadrangle; which is over–couldn’t really be a quadrangle since Daniel Douglas didn’t like women but I digress. Back to the triangles; it’s underscored in the scene with Quinn and Charley. They’re listening for a signal to come in and in the background you hear, “3 Blind Mice”. I said wow, I get that. You can see the parallels in the relationships in the way they’re played out on the show. In Flesh and Blood, it stood out to me a little more than usual. Also now that James is gone and the grieving is done–CYRUS is back to his shenanigans and he’s more focused than ever! He wants Fitz to bring home the crown so they can sit pretty for 4 more years. And obviously that will happen as we want more show and this is pretty imperative to the plot line.

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Tweetable Quotes from the Flesh and Blood Episode

Mellie r u ready? -Fitz To be blown up? Yes, Fitz -Mellie

It was safer than bringing along 2 bickering bitches -Quinn

Bring my baby home -Mama Pope before carving Papa Pope like a turkey

Bye Dominic – Mama Pope which gives new meaning to the #ByeFelicia craze

The A-Team for The Flesh and Blood Episode

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Katrina Pavela

Elde’a Harris

Favorite Tweets during the Flesh and Blood Episode



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