SP041: Season 3 Recap Episode


We are back! Scandal Fan Podcast Season 4 is coming to a podcast catcher near you! Ha!

During this episode we chimed in with our favorite moments during Scandal’s Season 3. We have news for all of the listeners of the podcast.

The show will record on Fridays at 6pm EST. You can find specific links to each episode scheduled right here.

We would love your support for the podcast so that we can keep it on air.

  • We have a Google Plus private group for the supporters of the show.
  • You all probably missed the Farewell to Harrison bonus episode. It was recorded and I didn’t share it on the podcast. It is bonus content for the site, same kind of thing we will be doing for the folks in the private Google Plus group.

Katrina, Elde’a and Langstan each have their own column on the site and my birthday is tomorrow! Yay! *throws glitter*



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