SP042: Scandal 4×1 Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

So I signed up to Netflix so I could grab my normal screen shots from the digital verse as I have done with Hulu in the past only to find it impossible to do so since they haven’t updated Scandal to the new season. When will I learn?

Well this episode of the Scandal Podcast is brought to you by our Patreon campaign to support the podcast. We would love it if you could donate $3, $5, $10/month to the podcast so we are able to pay the Gladiators for their dilligence to the podcast and being so generous with their time. In exchange we provide you a weekly behind-the scenes glimpse into what we discuss off air. Langstan calls it Scandal Podcast after dark and man does it get turned up! 🙂

During this episode, we all had so much to say about the season’s opening episode. I will summarize my thoughts here but each of the Gladiators have their individual opinions about the episodes and that will show itself in their columns on the site. Their opinions are below, click the link to their names. My opinion of the episode will be below the links.


Eldea Harris | Katrina Pavela | Langstan Smith | Jaha Knight

You all already know Langstan transcribed some of the best scenes in this episode.

Mellie & Fitz

I am excited that Katrina mentioned that this is the season of friendship between Mellie and Fitz. Quite frankly I am tired of randy-red-scandal-4x1their infighting and will be happy to see them try to get along during this season. I feel sorry for poor Mellie because it has to be hard losing a child and although this is a fictional character, I can’t imagine going through the same. On the low, Jaha is a big ole baby and if I lost The Kid yall wouldn’t hear from me for years. Seriously, years. You’d be doing google searches on my name and I would have disappeared. I don’t think I could handle it. So to you mothers out there that may have suffered such a loss, may God be with you because I know it has to be a daily struggle. I felt for Fitz hugely in the moment on the balcony when Mellie mentioned the fact that he tried to commit suicide. It has to be a shock to your system to find your son is dying in front of the world, the love of your life has disappeared and her heinous mother plotted the whole thing. Now we all know Poppa Pope planned Lil Jerry’s murder but either way you slice it one or both of Olivia’s parents are nut jobs and that has to be a hard thing to resolve within yourself when you love someone.

Olivia & Jake

I don’t know how many times I can say yuck with this pairing. I was so sad to see them together still at the beginning of the episode. Although seeing her at the beginning with the shades and the sun shining on her so beautifully gave me a brief glimmer of hope that she pushed him out of the plane on her way to Zanzibar but alas that was not to be. He is still vulgar and disgusting in the way he talks to her when he can’t get his way and I sincerely doubt that he will protect her if something were to stand in between her and harm’s way. I think Fitz would actually do more to keep her safe. Hell this dude gave her the Providence key. Jake has given her a few lukewarm references to his prowess and kept her distracted from real life. Hm…that’s a real connection there Jakey boy. Go on back to State Farm (they should probably sponsor Scandal every episode since people seriously reference them anytime they think of this wack character) and leave loving Olivia to Fitz, the person who really has love in his heart for her, despite her parental brand of crazy. And you know what, yall I have to say that crazy runs in the DNA so as light as you all may take it, Mama and Poppa Pope’s blood run in Olivia’s veins. Some day she may put that white suit down for good and instead of standing in the sun or the shade she may choose to walk in darkness. I can actually see her running B6-13, something I thought would happen last season since she was so adamant about taking the organization down. Surprisingly that didn’t happen.

Cyrus & His New Hair

randy-scandal-red-superfreak-ep1-season-4What can we say about that? Cyrus Beene has new hair y’all. And he seems to be thriving since James was shot down like a dog in the street. He is back to his regular shenaningans of spying on folks and being the monster we all know him to be. He shocked the heck out of Abby when he confronted her about Olivia being back in town. I have no idea what she thought; did she really think that he wouldn’t be spying on her? How naive.


Well Quinnie Pooh shocked us all didn’t she? Tracking Olivia down to tell her about Harrison. In Scandal Podcast After Dark, we talked a lot about that. It was a great discussion. I felt sad for Huck because that Randy existence was truly pathetic. There is so much more to be said on the Podcast so I will stop my long behind show notes and let you all hear it for yourselves.

Thank you Gladiators for your support of the Scandal Podcast. We truly appreciate counting on you every single week to help us make the show amazing.

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