SP043: Scandal 4×2 State of the Union



So I have to get out of here to go to a fitness competition for my Mind, Body, Power Coach. Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that within the last six months, I’ve lost like 36 lbs. Tiffany Kelly is the reason for that, my wonderful fitness coach who is so much more than that ^^^ see title above. She is competing in this bikini challenge.  Look when I saw her “Before” photos I could have sworn I was looking at my old body. I really thought it was me, especially from the back *Hard frown*. But ya girl has dropped down from a size 12 to a size 6 and that’s saying a lot for my determination not to be fat and old or fat and …well just fat. LOL.

I will come back here later and fill it all in with the Scandal graphics and my opine. In the meanwhile hop on over to B-Side co-host Langstan Smith’s column and review a few scenes!

My favorite moments in the State of the Union episode

  • Mellie standing strong for Fitz after Abby’s ‘pep’ talk and then breaking down
  • Cyrus blackmailing Olivia into working on the case she took on for James and Lisa Elliott
  • When Cyrus talked about being undone, being forever changed and how a broken heart is a broken heart and taking a measure of what that means is cruel – Shakespearean

The case for the State of the Union episode

The case was getting James and Lisa Elliott to the State of the Union speech and I believe the reason Cyrus solicited Olivia is because he wanted at least one aspect of the situation handled and he showed when he told Abby he wasn’t fried-chicken-mellie-state-of-the-union-scandalworried about whether Olivia would do her job

The case was like the external battle of what is going on with the couples on the show. They are all internalizing and those two are externalizing. Seems like they are the storm that is brewing just below the surface with everyone else but they are showing it externally. I kept feeling like the Elliotts really parodied Fitz and Mellie. When she says to Quinn, “We were in love before ‘all this’” I kind of felt like she was saying the same thing that happened with Fitz and Mellie with Big Jerry.

If all of the Olivia and Jake scenes would have not happened, this episode would have been perfect.  

I think Jake realizes and has always realized that Olivia uses him for companionship and although he wants more, he’s just taking what he can get while the time is there. He’s the double dutch dude. Just waiting on the sidelines until the woman he wants has had some things happen in her relationships or her and the boyfriend had a fight and now she’s vulnerable. He’s that dude.