SP048: Scandal 4×7 Baby Made A Mess


baby-made-a-mess-spadOf course I had my feelings about this episode, Baby Made a Mess and they all involved the upcoming saga that will be the OLITZLAKE trifecta of drama to bring down Poppa Pope! Phew! That there was a longer than long sentence.

Poppa Pope has made a huge mistake showing all his cards to Olivia the way he did. I think he lost it for a brief second at the thought of Olivia not appreciating all he’s ‘done for her’ as a parent. Don’t we all feel that way from time to time as parents? Like we’ve done so much for our children to have them finally, forcibly remove the invisible umbilical cord and cut US loose? It happens and for some of us, a lot earlier than you would think. >>now all up in her own feelings because The Kid wants to learn how to drive a car. <<< But I digress. The point is Olivia told him last week that she has weapons of mass destruction that he doesn’t know anything about. And if you see how she’s been coming back slowly as if awakening from a coma since finding out that Harrison (like Columbus Short’s adamant reminder in that flashback that Shonda gives no damns about providing him with ne’er another royalty check, since he was conveniently edited out) is dead. That is one mistake too many PP.

Baby Made a Mess was classic Scandal and Eldea, Katrina and Langstan were here for it!

Added to the fact that last episode, Jake told her….TOLD her to go to that bank account and we haven’t seen her do so–doesn’t mean she didn’t. It just means we didn’t SEE her do it. Like David thought she was going to see Jake, she didn’t have to–she had already seen what she needed to see and just wanted the truth out of Tom. That’s why she knew Tom was lying when he said that Jake ordered Fitz’s son’s death. At the end there, when Olivia went all PP on Tom was out-frigging-standing and a lil scary. When she told Fitz what she’d done with that Helen of Troy determination, he didn’t know whether to be impressed or scared shitless. I think he chose the former in the interest of hope and the promise of sugar thighs.

He opened the right door.

So here is the episode folks, hope you enjoy, indulge and share it with a friend. This Soulphisticated Lady is out!