SP050: Scandal 4×9- Where the Sun Don’t Shine


“How you likin’ that war now, sir?” – Andrew

maya-pope-oliviaaaaa-scandalAndrew ended the night on a bang, now didn’t he? He has taken the one thing (one out of three things) that he knows Fitz will fight for–Olivia and his two remaining children. It is on! So Shonda left us all scratching our heads about Olivia’s sanity and Poppa Pope’s true influence on his only child.

The revelation has been lingering in the back of our minds for some time now but it was confirmed when he said to her, “you don’t know how to love” I mean she pulled the trigger on her father. She would have shot him. Shane, our guest host made some very valid points yesterday when he said, what has Poppa Pope said or done that any other man in Olivia’s life hasn’t done and she is not trying to murk them in two successive episodes. That may have been some Scandal Podcast After Dark reveal because I don’t think we discussed that in this actual episode.

There was a lot going on in this episode even though some weren’t terribly impressed with this winter finale, I think if you look at all the moments added together it left an incredible impression. Some of the Scandal-verse is fine with Olivia being kidnapped and some people are up in arms. Some of us think that Andrew got to her and some think it is actually Poppa Pope. What if Poppa Pope and Andrew are working in unison and that’s why he knew what was happening with this situation coming down the pike? I mean I know he’s command and he could have had access to all of this information regardless but maybe, just maybe he was in on the plan.

where-the-sun-dont-shine-quoteI mean she did try to murder him by ‘white folk’ last episode.

And she would have shot him in the chest this episode.

But I am just playing devil’s advocate because I actually don’t think he was in on it.

I do think Momma Pope will be free soon, though.

And I can’t wait til she has access to a nice shower and a toiletry set.

We are going on winter hiatus but my fellow co-hosts and myself will be hosting a Scandal Podcast episode for trivia next week. It will only be for After Dark members and the folk that joined the mailing list. Thanks for tuning in to the first half of the season with Scandal Podcast. Share the show with a friend.