Taking on a Writing Partner

Since I have so little time now-a-days to write my novels I am taking on a writing partner. She will be all over the blog here too as we are combining our efforts to build our platform. Her name is Brooklyn and we’ve been rocking with each other for a while! YAY! I have to go ahead and create a profile on here for her to welcome her to the Drama Queen Books side of thangs. I will create the outlines of the work and she will write them. It’s the perfect publishing team.

That way the percentage of books will increase because I’m behind the scenes orchestrating and she is out in front getting the work done. Le sigh. I am so happy about this you all…kinda over the moon about it. My editor was getting worried because I’m not pushing out the kind of volume that I did in 2012. I don’t even know what happened to 2013, with writing. I almost want to call it the lost year. I wrote things but they almost never came to completion. That’s what happens when you’re building a new business brick-by-brick.

I hope you all are fulfilling your dreams and making things happen the way you want them to, just as I am.

Until the next post, live & love soulfully.

– jaha