SP034: We Do Not Touch the First Ladies 3×12



Scene Transcripts from We Do to Touch the First Ladies

We learned in this episode, that Andrew is apparently hard of hearing.  Didn’t Mellie tell him to keep his hands to himself? But as soon as she flees from the room, he touches that painting.  It seems like a promise.  He will be touching a first lady and she will be married to someone else.  Fitz. 

Quinn & Olivia’s Talk

Olivia: You are lucky that it was me coming out of the restaurant and not my father coming out of the restaurant.”

Quinn: I know what I’m doing”

Olivia: No you don’t. This work, this life.  B6-13 You are not cut out for this.”

Quinn: Really, so what are my options because the world is just at my feet, I’m a freaking Princess right now.”

Olivia: Come home.

Quinn: Huck does not want me there.

Olivia: I want you there.

Quinn: He licked my face.  Did he tell you that? He licked my face like I was a piece of meat to him. Like I wasn’t human to him.

Olivia: B6-13 will destroy you, you can’t do this. I will help you.

Quinn: No, I’m helping myself. Now get out of my car.

Olivia: I’m not leaving.

Quinn: Get out of my car or I’ll shoot you. I’m violent now, or haven’t you heard?

Olivia: Quinn, come on…

Quinn:  Get out of my car or I’ll shoot you. 

Huck’s Monster Speech

Huck: This is for you.

Olivia: Huck, you know I don’t drink coffee

Huck: It’s a gesture, it means I’m sorry about Quinn. People get people coffee when their sorry…I can get you tea instead.

Quinn: That’s not the point.

Huck: It is…it is the point. You’re mad at me and I need you…to stop being mad at me, ’cause I don’t like it.

(Long pause)

Olivia: You went too far with Quinn.

Huck: No…you went too far.

Olivia: Excuse me?

Huck: You…took in a wild monster..and you groomed me and petted me and trained me to sit at your feet, but that doesn’t make me puppy, Liv. That just makes me a very loyal monster. So I did’dn’t go too far…I went exactly as far as my leash allows…and YOU hold the leash. You ruined her life and you made me save her and then…gave her to me to take under my wing.

Olivia: Huck…

Huck: You hold the leash. YOU went too far. You should have never given me someone to love. Monsters eat people Liv. It’s what we do.


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