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[ Listen to the Randy, Red Superfreak and Julia  episode of the Scandal Podcast ]

Abbey: (To Quinn) Stop calling me, Superfreak. I mean it. I’m busy! I have five…no three…three free minutes and it would be GREEAAT to use those three free minutes peeing or eating something instead of here…again with your annoying phone calls. I’m busy.

Quinn: I wouldn’t have called, but she doesn’t have a cell phone and she won’t buy one…she’s unplugged or something.

(Abbey turns to see Olivia walking towards them.)

Quinn: I’ll give you two a minute.

Olivia: You’re working at the White House now.

Abbey: What are you doing here?

Olivia: They found Harrison’s body.

Abbey: I know they found Harrison’s body. I know that Olivia. Is that why you’re here? Did you fly all the way back from where ever Daddy sent you to tell me that?…because you wasted a trip.

Olivia: I came back to plan his funeral.

Abbey: Now you decide to come back.

Olivia: I came back…I thought… We should all plan his funeral together.

Abbey: Goodbye Olivia.

Olivia: Abbbeey…

Abbey: What!

Olivia: We should bury our friend.

Abbey: We are not a team anymore. You’re just Olivia Pope there is no AND Associates…not anymore. You’re on your own.

Olivia: I know you’re mad at me, but we both care about Harrison and he would want us to…

Abbey: Harrison would have wanted all kinds of things. He would have wanted you to not get on that plane. He would have wanted you to not leave his side so God knows what could happen to him. He would have wanted you to care about him BEFORE someone put a bullet in his brain. He would have wanted his champion…his gladiator to be HERE fighting for him while there was still a chance he could have been found alive. But now he’s dead…HARRISON DOESN’T WANT ANYTHING NOW!

(Awkward silence)

Olivia: I have never once held a grudge against you. Not for anything. I’ve always forgiven you.

Abbey: You want me to forgive you?

Olivia: NO! I don’t need you to forgive me. I haven’t done anything wrong. I was making an observation. I’ve never once held a grudge against you…I’ve always forgiven you… until now…you blaming me for Harrison’s death is UNforgivable! You abandoned them too Abbey. Huck and Quinn and Harrison. You abandoned them too. You moved four blocks away into the most powerful house on the planet and you left them out in the cold. I was on tge other side of the world, but you were right here…and all you have to give is three minutes? What kind of champion…what kind of gladiator does that make you? (Olivia turns to go and suddenly turns back) I’ll make sure you have the date and time for the funeral. Show up…don’t show up…your choice.

(Olivia leaves Abbey goes directly to Quinn)

Olivia: Go home.

Quinn: Liv…

Olivia: That is not my name.

Quinn: What?…

Olivia: GO HOME!

Quinn: But…

Olivia: I’M FINE!

Quinn: But I…

Olivia: DAMMIT! GO HOME QUINN! Leave me alone.

(Olivia storms away.)

Quinn: Son of a bitch!


*Side note: Shonda couldn’t have written this episode or this scene any clearer. HARRISON IS DEAD!

Everyone is hurt and angry about it. They buried the character both physically and symbolically, whether you saw the body or not. Let’s move on and hope this season consist of Olivia finally learning the truth of everything her father did to get her on that plane!*

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