When Your Time is Tied to Production


Since I’m not over here banging out my usual 2000K words a day I have taken to writing a lot of poetry. It’s been pretty therapueutic and it’s quick as heck to push out. I never really think of the writing process as something difficult until editors get involved, lol. They want to make everything so polished so people can read things comprehensively and all that jazz. 🙂

Luckily we have a nice publishing team here and the editors do their do diligence, Brooklyn and I look over the content, make changes and send it on back to the editing department. It’s nice having a division of editors that work with you so closely and understand your voice.

A lot of people say write and publish, write and publish but that doesn’t work well for fiction. It’s more like, write and edit, write and edit and then stockpile before you publish so you make sure there is a consistent stream of content or in this case, books for the readers to consume and you’re not pressured by the idea of a looming deadline (which tends to UNinspire creatives…that type of pressure) and THEN publish. It’s so much more effective.

Also we know the last thing we need is more stress. Stress causes belly fat and I’m not about that life.

Welp I’m off with The Kid now so I have to go. Be back soon.